All projects submitted will be judged solely on the overall presentation of pool design and surrounding environment.


  • Must be a Pebble Technology® pool finish in a pool or spa application
  • Identify color, finish and applicator who installed the finish
  • High resolution photography – (Images must be in hi-res JPG format, no smaller than 20 inches wide (larger images are fine) at a minimum of 2.5MB. We suggest photographing the image with a 24MP camera or higher. We recommend a minimum 300dpi
  • Pools that have been awarded in the past are not eligible
  • Judging is based on original photography only
  • Do not include people in the photograph
  • Clean up area; no hoses in pool, towels laying out, etc.
  • Optional: Note any interesting or unique facts about pool install
  • Optional: If you can, we suggest using a professional photographer

You will receive a confirmation email once your submission is processed. Winning builders will be notified by email of their achievement on a bi-annual basis.


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